17 jul 2012

Le Petit Gibert illustré, Bruno Gibert. A magnificent dictionary. 

"ETERNUEMENT n.m : Explosion nucléaire dans un mouchoir."

Can be found here.

11 jul 2012

During our break from gluing wallpaper we had the most wonderful coffee in the sun. Postcards with the design are free and available at Normo Coffee.

Here it is! The renewed version of the Daar is Wally wallpaper. The pictures are a little bit too faded because I was using an old film. Will take some better ones soon.

9 jul 2012

7 jul 2012


waar is de papegaai?

6 jul 2012

a new toy

As a birthday present I got an analog camera. The pictures are so much nicer! It takes a while to have them developed but the result is way better isn't it? This was in Valencia.

back to Europe

I don't have the artist's name unfortunately.

There was one other artist who grabbed my attention and whose name I did not forget, Dario Villalba. Beautiful work.

5 jul 2012

Cob oven is the way to go.

Mix all of the ingredients together and cover the dough for a few minutes. Lay out the dough and cut out 1 cm thick cookies. They can be put quit close together on the tray for the oven since they do not get any bigger. For a little bit of shine, brush some honey on top of the cookies.
Enjoy! I sure did.

punta rojo

Named after the red dot.

These are very dry cookies. They are not too sweet and great as a snack. 
What you need:

1 lb sugar
1 table spoon baking soda
2 lb flour
1 egg
1 bag of cinnamon powder
milk and salt (mixed in a small bowl)
a little bit of oil
0.5l water

making me hungry

Classic Nicaraguan dish. Rice, beans and tortillas. To plain rice add salt and curry to get extra flavor. To make Marina's famous frijoles dish you need:

red beans
red beans paste
1 onion
6 garlic cloves
1 small green pepper
some curry, pilli pilli, salt and pepper
finely chopped mint

And then for the tortillas!
Cook up some corn and make a paste. Add some water and start making flat circles. To make special tortilla's add:

hot peppers
and fry them.

perfect day

4 jul 2012

3 jul 2012


2 jul 2012